Shahida Latif’s New History Novel: Sultan Muhammad FatehPublished

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Sultan MuhammadFateh a history Novel written by Renowned Poet, Writer and Journalist (Pride of Performance) Mohtarama Shahida Latif has been Published this is her Second history Novel. Her first Novel “SaatQadeemIshq” was Published in 2006. It is the beauty and skill of the writer that reader of Sultan Muhammad Fateh do not lose interest till the end. In the foreword the writer states that is this not more than love story that our great rulers leaving behind all comforts of life and relying upon almighty Allah focus all their efforts for the rule of religion and also lesson for the fourth coming generation. Shahida Latif says that her aim and object to write such Novel is not only to promote religion of Islam but by narrating the stories of historical rulers to educate and develop the concept of Islam amongst the nation. Mohtarama Shahida Latif is author of various books of different subjects such as poetry, classic, current affairs and Novels. Her real recognition is Pakistanism and Patriotism.

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